EDET 637

| Week One: January 17 |

Standing Out

To do in preparation for the start of the class:

Please create a blog for this class (or add a category that will direct us only to posts concerning this class) in WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, or your own preferred blogging tool. Please add the link to that blog on the blogroll <–.

Please sign up to host a Twitter session during this class.  Please review the hints for hosting twitter chats prior to the chat.

Week One:

Essential question: What is differentiated instruction?



Read Chapter Two in Differentiating Instruction with Technology in Middle School Classrooms (found as an e-book in Egan Library).

Read Chapter One in How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms
(found as an e-book in Egan Library).

Please supplement this reading with  at least two resources of your own choosing.


How to make winning infographics

Pictochart infographic maker

Easly.ly infographic maker (no sign in required)


This week, between Monday and Thursday, students are expected to post a response to the Essential Question for the week. Students then interact with others by making postings to their blogs and interacting in twitter. On Sunday, students are expected to post a reflection on their blog of the learning that they have encountered during the week. Blogging credit will not be given unless separate postings are made: one early in the week to outline initial understanding of the information encountered, and one reflecting after reading and commenting on others’ blog postings on Sunday. 

This week, in order to answer the essential question, create an infographic indicating the important elements of differentiation. Post this image/infographic on your blog, and create a blog entry explaining the infographic that you created and responding to the essential question.

Use the Check your Post resource to check your citation and ensure that you have properly attributed any resources you may have used.  


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