Essential question: How are games providing new opportunities for differentiation in the classroom?

This week we are reading new resources about gaming in the classroom. Even though differentiation won’t be addressed directly, these resources will give some insight into how you might use gaming in the classroom to tap into student interest, to maximize certain student intelligences, and to benefit overall student learning. Be creative as you respond to this question!

Make a very short video to embed in your blog posting this week  – only 2-3 minutes!


Required (3 of the following)

Also remember to add 3-5 of your own resources to your blog entry. 


Each week, between Monday and Friday, students are expected to post a response to the Essential Question for the week. Students then interact with others by making postings to their blogs and interacting in twitter. On Sunday, students are expected to post a reflection on their blog of the learning that they have encountered during the week.


At this point, we need to begin thinking about our differentiation unit. This will be a unit of study that you can use to differentiate instruction in the classroom. This is a unit you will actually teach in April – and your assessment in this class consists of an assessment of both the unit and your reflection of the unit along with student artifacts. So keep this in mind.

For our purposes, the unit should consist of only one to two weeks – three at the most, so that you can teach it, and gather evidence as to its effectiveness during the class.

Your unit will be constructed using the UBD Template.

Begin planning what you will do, and how you will plan this unit. What is reasonable? What is your content during this time? What strategies will you use? What sort of assessments will you use? Remember that you should have at least one performance assessment and at least one student self-assessment (per the UbD framework). Remember that these rubrics must be created and included in your unit plan.

In your reflection for this week, let us know what you are planning to do in terms of the unit, and how you are proceeding in planning your unit.

The Unit is due on March 26.