Essential question: Which technologies are best to assist differently abled learners in my classroom?

Meet with your group to dole out responsibilities for the following assignment. Remember that each group member should have a role which carries responsibilities. – I would really like to see that you have a specific set of responsibilities that you are responsible for completing. 

For this week’s essential question, please do the following:

  1. With your group, identify ten assistive technologies to explore and share. (Each group has one set of 10 technologies to try out).
  2. Try out this technology and evaluate its usefulness and the potential for being able to acquire (buy or download) it, as well as its impact on students in the classroom.
  3. Create one page or slide for each technology your team has identified. Please structure the page as follows:
    1. maxresdefaultName of the technology (software OR hardware)
    2. Cost of the technology
    3. Level of difficulty (easy to learn to very hard)
    4. Population that the technology will assist
    5. Purpose of the technology
    6. Your evaluation of the impact of this technology on the classroom.

Remember your group is located here.

Complete your Wiki for this week, answering the essential question.


You will select your own resources through the research for the Wiki. I expect each Wiki will draw from good resources.


Each week, between Monday and Friday, students are expected to post a response to the Essential Question for the week. Students then interact with others by making postings to their blogs and interacting in twitter. On Sunday, students are expected to post a reflection on their blog of the learning that they have encountered during the week.

There is no blogging this week; however, you should still make your reflective posting on Sunday. In this posting, include the link for your Group’s Project, and document the meetings you had, and the roles and responsibilities arrived at for each member of the group. Apart from these details, report the process your group went through and your feeling about your own role, and the learning you have encountered.