Essential question: How can assistive technology assist us with differentiation?

assistive-tech-hr-adf39220bc94afd35a3dc26db8e7ddac73ea41f0This week, you will work with a group to answer the Essential Question. During this week, you will answer this question as thoroughly as possible, outlining the ways that assistive technology can assist in differentiation. Please don’t focus on tools this week (but do keep a list if you wish!) Next week, you will list and review several tools that teachers can use for helping level the playing field for students with specific needs.

First, sign up for a group at

Next, work with your group through email, twitter, Google Hangouts or the tool of your choice to determine what the division of labor will be for this project. Each group member should have a role which carries responsibilities.

Finally, use Wikispaces or a similar tool to create a space for your project. I expect that you will use a free tool – not one that charges for the service! I would like your project to be in a space that will be open, and ultimately available to other teachers.

Once you create the space for your work, make me an Organizer or Member of the group/tool so that I can see the edits which are made.

Complete your project for this week, answering the essential question.


You will select your own resources through the research for the project. I expect each project will draw from good resources and be well supported!


Each week, between Monday and Friday, students are expected to post a response to the Essential Question for the week. Students then interact with others by making postings to their blogs and interacting in twitter. On Sunday, students are expected to post a reflection on their blog of the learning that they have encountered during the week.

There is no blogging this week; however, you should still make your reflective posting on Sunday.  In this posting, include the link for your Group’s Wiki, and document the meetings you had, and the roles and responsibilities arrived at for each member of the group. Apart from these details, report the process your group went through and your feeling about your own role, and the learning you have encountered.